K9 Division



The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office Canine Division was established in 1975 with the help of Sioux City Police Sergeant Boyde Spalding.  The first two canines, both German Shepards, were Gus and Max.  In the past 46 years, 42 loyal canines have faithfully served Woodbury County.

Early members formed a canine association called the Hawkeye Canine Association.  Members included officers with the Sioux City Police Department and the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office and other officers and their canine partners from departments in northwest Iowa.  In 1983, the Hawkeye Canine Association was dissolved and members formed Region 21 of the United States Police Canine Association.  The USPCA is a national organization which current handlers still belong.  It is through the USPCA that handlers and their canine partners obtain regional and national certifications, as well as train and compete with other canine teams from around the country.  Past and present Woodbury County canines have been recognized many times.

Woodbury County canines are trained to search for both evidence and people.  They are also trained to detect narcotics.  They can also be used for crowd control and make criminal apprehensions.

Woodbury County has had several breeds of K9's which included German Shepards, Belgium Malinois, Blood Hounds and Labrador Retrievers.  Woodbury County currently has 2 different breeds of dogs, which are German Shepards and Belgium Malinois.  The Sheriff's canine division is currently comprised of 7 dogs.



Woodbury County would like to recognize the former and present members of the K9 Unit:

Former Sheriff Glenn Parrett and Gus (1975-1980), Cris (1980-1982)

Deputy Greg Shinkunas and Max (1975-1983)

Deputy Jim Fox and Buck (1976-1984), Daisy (1980-1983)

Former Sheriff Dave Amick and Marshall (1976-1983)

Deputy Kenny Graham and Deacon (1976-1980)

Deputy Jerry Thomas and Chub (1976-1980)

Sgt. Mike Tadlock and Sarg (1977-1982), Chip (1982-1987), Cody (1987-1994)

Lt. Brad Carlson and Tobey (1979-1983)

Lt. Charlie Hertz and Trooper (1978-1979), Bullet (1982-1989), Rude E. Dog (1990-2000)

Deputy Bob Kingsley and Mike (1982-1986)

Deputy Dave Fox and Daisy (1983-1984), Buck (1984-1986)

Sgt. Jim Bauerly and Ace (1984-1990), Andy (1990-2000), Sipo (2000-2007), Bosco (2007-2019)

Sgt. Doug Boetger and Rex (1990-1998)

Deputy Darin Fay and Dillon (1998-2006), Niko (2006-2012), Dozer (2013-present)

Lt. Tony Wingert and Spenser (1999-2005), Chewy (2008-2013)

Deputy Tom Ladwig and Casey (2001-2010)

Transport Officer Mark Larkin and Nitro (2002-2010), Dina (2010-2013)

Major Greg Stallman and Maximus (2002-2008), Tessa (2008-2011)

Deputy Todd Trobaugh and Rudy (2003-2013)

Deputy Troy Tadlock and Diexel (2013-2015), Diesel (2015-present)

Deputy Willie Garrett and Dakota (2013-2017)

Deputy Derek Brand and Ruckus (2013-present)

Deputy Nathan Sands and Rico (2013-present)

Deputy Eric Fay and Garzo (2020-present)

Deputy Michael Lenz and Kilo (2020-present, narcotics)

Deputy Michael Simoni and Kia (2020-present, narcotics)