County Auctions

Any interested citizen may request that property, which Woodbury County holds by Treasurer’s Tax Deed, be sold a public auction. The Board of Supervisor’s will set a minimum bid on the property and schedule a public auction which will be held during a regular Tuesday Board of Supervisors’ meeting. The County attempts to include in the minimum all prior taxes due and owing on the property.

The County, however, has no control over taxes assessed by local governments, such as: City of Sioux City(see #4 below); nor does it have control over taxes on the property from the State of Iowa or the United States Government.

The Board of Supervisors reserves the right to accept or reject any bid made at the auction. Terms are cash at time of sale including the recording fee.

In a public auction, the County can give no greater title than it has. Therefore, if a parcel of property has other tax liens against it, has defects in the title where the property was improperly conveyed by a previous owner, or for some other reason has a defect in the title, the County conveys title to the land sold at public auction by Quit Claim Deed.

The prospective buyer should keep the following points in mind regarding land sold at public auction by the County:

1. There is an element of risk in the purchase of the property in that there may be unknown defects in the legal title.

2. The correction of the defects is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

3. The property does not include an Abstract of Title.

4. For your protection and knowledge, the purchaser interested in property located within the city limits of Sioux city may want to check wit the city of Sioux City’s Inspection Services and Public Works Departments for any future unpaid and not levied special assessments against the property.

5. The property can usually be purchased at figure substantially less than comparable property at private sale.

The Board attempts to make a complete and full disclosure of all matters concerning of all matters concerning the property known to the Board at the time of the sale. The Board welcomes any questions by any interested members of the public.