Third Judicial Department of Corrections

Committees - Committees by Iowa Code


The board of directors adopt bylaws and rules for the conduct of its own business and for the government of the district department’s community-based correctional program.


Tom Huseman, Eric Skoog, Joseph Cronin, Mike Collison, Craig Merrill, Mark Monson, Jeff Simonsen, Mardi Allen, Don Besch, Nancy McDowell, Jim Henrich, Treyla Lee, Joe Skow, Tim Schumacher, Steve Michael, Michael Schulte, Mark Sybesma, James Jensen

  • Supervisors Assigned: Jeremy Taylor
  • Established: Tuesday, 01 January 1974
  • Number of Members: 18
  • Meetings: The district board shall meet at least quarterly during the calendar year but may meet more frequently upon the call of the chairperson or upon a call signed by a majority, determined by weighted vote computed as in subsctn 4, of the members of the board.


Is comprised of a county supervisor from each county in the district, a judicial appointee, and one citizen advisory representative

Minutes and Agendas

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Other Documents

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