Investigations Division


Lt WingertThe Woodbury County Sheriff's Office Investigation Division is made up of men and women who work diligently following up on crimes that occur in Woodbury County.  Detectives not only investigate and help the Woodbury County Attorney's Office prepare prosecutions; they also investigate crimes at the federal level.  Three detectives are currently assigned to the Drug Enforcement Administration (Tri-State Drug Task Force) and the United States Marshals Service.

Another major part of the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office Investigation Division is the Crime Scene Detective.  These detectives are responsible for the collection and preservation of evidence collected at a crime scene.  An additional responsibility Crime Scene has is the storing of this property in the evidence room and making the evidence available at the time it is needed for court.

The mission of the Investigations Division is to provide investigative expertise and to work in partnership with the various communities and Sheriff's Office entities to enhance public safety.  Investigations is also committed to supporting local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, to ensure a cooperative, successful and unified effort to protect and serve the citizens of Woodbury County.

Lt. Tony Wingert, pictured above, is the divison commander and contact person.  He can be reached at 712.279.6010 and choosing option six (6) on the automated phone system.

Lt. Wingert is a native Iowan, born and raised in Sioux City.  He graduated in 1987, from Bishop Heelan High School.  Lt. Wingert went on to college at Iowa Western and then Morningside College.

Lt. Wingert began his career with the Woodbury County Sheriff’s Office in 1993 as a Correctional Officer.  In 1995, he was appointed as a Deputy Sheriff.  During his career as a Deputy Sheriff, Lt. Wingert has been a member of the Sheriff’s Office K9 team, successfully certifying two canines, Spenser and Chewbacca.  Lt. Wingert spent 15 years as a member of the SWAT team, rising to the rank of Squad Leader.  Lt. Wingert also spent four years as a member Tri-State Drug Task Force, where he worked as a federally deputized Drug Enforcement Agent.  During that period, he started the Sheriff’s Office's first Drug Interdiction Team.

On January 3rd, 2013 Sheriff Dave Drew appointed Deputy Wingert to the rank of Lieutenant.  Lt. Wingert is in charge of Special Services - Civil Division, K9 Unit, SWAT, Investigations, and the Drug Interdiction Team.  He also oversees the Gun Permits, Sex Offender Registry, and the Clerical Staff.



Citizens have the right to expect the Sheriff's Office to provide law enforcement services that are fair, effective and impartially applied. The Sheriff seeks to maintain the integrity of the Office, and its employees.

Employees are held to high standards in official conduct, and are expected to respect the rights of all citizens. Employees have the right to be protected against false charges of misconduct or wrongdoing.

The Sheriff's Office administration is responsible for reviewing employee involved critical incidents, and investigating complaints of misconduct. All complaints of misconduct are thoroughly investigated.

To make a complaint, download the complaint form below and mail it to:


P. O. BOX 3715




Scan the completed document as a PDF and e-mail to:



Under certain circumstances, you will be directed by sheriff's office personnel to fill out a Bad Check Packet.  Please see the Bad Check Packet attached below for the proper procedures in filing complaints on Closed Account/Insufficent Funds checks.  It is vitally important for prosecution purposes the directions are adhered to in the packet.  The return address for the packets is:

Woodbury County Sheriff's Office

P. O. Box 3715

Sioux City, Iowa  51102

Attn:  Investigations Division