January 22, 2013 Budget Discussion

On Tuesday, January 22, 2013, the Board of Supervisors held the third of 4 departmental hearings dealing with the FY 2013-14 County budget. The following are the results of Tuesday’s budget discussion:

Building Services: Courthouse building was reduced by $19,000, LEC reduced by $29,400 and Trosper-Hoyt Service Building was reduced by $17,300 for a total reduction in Building Services budget of $65,700.

Department of Human Services budget reduction was $11,000. Also an increase were revenues in the amount of $250,000 as a result of the Department of Human Services administrative reimbursement.

Human Resource department was reduced by $500.

Total reduction from Tuesday’s meeting was $77,200.

All of the results of Tuesday’s action will reduce a potential tax increase by $327,400.