September 20, 2013 Construction Update


FM-CO97(118)—55-97, PCC Inlay Project on County Road D51, Luton Paving.   Letting date: February 19, 2013.   Project cost: $1,776,669. Contractor: Cedar Valley Corporation.   All project work is complete.   The road opened to traffic on Friday, September 6th.



L-B09(2)—73-97, Corrugated Metal Pipe Replacement of existing bridge on Lenox Avenue, Letting date: June 5, 2013.   Bid price: $66,744.00. Contractor: L. A. Carlson Contracting.   The Board awarded the project on June 4th.   We are waiting for the contractor to return signed contracts, insurance, and bonding for board approval.   Summer 2013 construction is anticipated.


L-B(X9)—73-97, 280th Street Bridge east of Taylor Avenue:   Replacement of failed greenwood structure and bridge with a new twin 8’x8’ reinforced concrete box culvert.   Letting date:September 24, 2013.   Final plans are completed and the project is being let at the Board of Supervisors meeting on September 24th.  It is our hope to have the bridge replaced in mid-November, prior to winter.


 County Maintenance Activities:    Work continued this week in District 5 where maintenance staff are upgrading Allison Avenue north of 235th Street and 225th Street west of the Sioux City limits.   These roads are being improved to serve as haul roads for the CF Industries building project.     The roads will be treated with dust palliative next week.