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Did anyone in a million years ever think the young man in the middle of this photo would ever become the Woodbury County Sheriff?  Yes, that young man making the face, rock'in the leisure suit, is current Sheriff Dave Drew.  To the right is Dave's older brother Kevin.  Kevin worked hard to mentor young Dave in his tender years.  There were some trying times.  Dave turned out to be a great  mentor and civil servant himself.  Thanks Kevin! 

Please support Leeds this summer in celebrating 125 years of providing a great place to live and raise a family.


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Sheriff Dave Drew and Supervisor Mark Monson address a visiting Sgt. Bluff Elementary class in the lobby of the Woodbury County Courthouse.  The class was given the grand tour of the historic building and it's different offices and what their role is in county government.



Effective February 20, 2014, Sheriff Dave Drew is replacing legible paper permits with a photo ID card.  This is due to a change in the interpretation of the weapons permit law.

Weapon permit photo ID cards will be issued at the Sheriff's Office in the Woodbury County LEC located at 407 7th Street, Sioux City, Iowa.  Expect the process to take approximately 15 minutes.

You are required to have a photo ID and your current legible paper permit when you arrive.  The cost for the photo ID card is $20.00.

This is for EXISTING WEAPON PERMIT HOLDERS only.  Anyone wishing to apply for a new weapon permit must do so on-line (encouraged) or at the Sheriff's Office.



The Woodbury County Sheriff's Office is asking the public to please view this video,, and help identify the subjects and/or vehicles in the surveillance video.  The video is connected to an on-going criminal investigation being conducted by the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office at a rural location in northeast Woodbury County, Iowa.  Anyone with any information can contact 712.279.6960.  All leads will be followed up on as time and manpower allow.

As always, the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office appreciates community support and involvement.  Thank you.



As a continued effort to make the Sheriff's Office more transparent to the residents of Woodbury County, Sheriff Drew has initiated the following flow of information.  The statistics below have been calculated since Sheriff Drew took office in January of 2013.  Statistics are added monthly.  Note:  The statistics below were accomplished with an average of 2.35 deputies working per shift. 

Self Initiated Contacts:  750

Calls for Service (Incidents):  2,489

Community Policing Events:  122

Assist other Agencies:  590

Narcotics Contacts:  109

Alcohol Contacts:  99

Civil Papers Served:  11,893

Arrest Warrants Served:  176

Traffic Crashes:  252

TOTAL:  20,887

Arrests:  1,495

These numbers indicate the hardwork and perseverance of a limited number of deputies that routinely risk their lives to make your community a safe place to live and raise your family.  We want to thank the members of the Woodbury County Sheriff's Office for their dedication.